Our tattoo artists  

For all your tattoo needs you are welcome at our establishment Blue Hawaii Tattoo, located at Nieuwe Binnenweg 12A, a 3 minute walk from Queen of Rings. The Blue Hawaii Tattoo branch has several tattoo artists, each with their own style. Our artists are specialised in different styles: traditional oldschool, blackwork, dotwork, neo-traditional, japanese and black & gray. We always try to create a design that suits both the person and the body. Our goal is to provide the best possible tattoos, tailor-made to customer requirements. We mainly work by appointment, but if there is time available, walk ins are also welcomed!

Appointments and deposits

Before you have your tattoo done, we would like you to stop by for an intake to discuss your ideas. The date of your appointment will be set during the intake as well. To be able to reserve that time, we ask for a cash deposit of € 50. This amount will be deducted later from the total price of your tattoo. If you are unable to attend, we would like to know this at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise we are forced to withhold the deposit.


Despite your good care, it is still possible that a touch-up is needed after the Tattoo has healed. Obviously, that is free of charge. After getting your tattoo, we immediately set a check-up appointment, for about 6 weeks later. If you do not come to your appointment, we will assume that your tattoo has been healed to your satisfaction. In that case the touch-up is no longer free.


After getting your tattoo you will receive extensive advice on how to take care of the new tattoo. In addition, you will receive the care advice from us on paper. Antibacterial soap and ointment for the proper healing can be purchased from us. It is important that you follow the advice of the tattoo artist and the care advice closely, so that the tattoo will heal properly.

The healing time of a tattoo is about 10 to 14 days. General health and physical condition play a big part in this. During the healing process, the tattoo may become itchy. Do not scratch the wound as it can cause inflammation. Personal hygiene is essential during the healing time of the tattoo. Immediately after tattooing, the tattooed area is covered with transparent foil. Remove the foil after an hour and treat the wound as described below.


  • Wash the tattooed area with a mild, unscented soap three times a day until the wound has healed completely.
  • After washing, gently pat the wound dry with a clean towel or tissue.
  • Apply a thin layer of the tattoo aftercare cream to the wound. Do not apply any other ointment or cream on the wound.
  • Always use a highly protecting sunscreen on your tattoo when sunbathing (minimum SPF30) to prevent fading over time. 


  • Touch the tattoo as little as possible with your hands.
  • Do not put wound disinfectants such as Sterilon or Betadine on the wound.
  • Do not wear plasters or bandages on the wound.
  • Do not wear tight or dirty clothing on the wound during the healing process.
  • During the healing process, avoid contact with swimming water (chlorinated water, bubble baths, natural water, sea water). Also do not use a sauna, bath or steam bath.
  • Do not expose the tattooed area to the sun or tanning bed during the healing process (even when wearing sunscreen)




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