How does it work?

The best results are achieved with the Q-Switch YAG-laser. This laser is a guarentee for a minimum of pain, discomfort or side effects. The YAG-laser produces a very small bundel of light. This makes it possible to work with a high amount of precision.

When placing a tattoo, ink is transfered into the skin with a needle. When the skin heals, the ink is trapped in the ‘dermis’ layer of the skin, approximately 1,5-2mm deep.  

The Q-Switch YAG-laser penetrates the “epidermis”  (the first layer of skin) and heats up the ink. The pigment absorbs the energy, and the ink gets fragmentated. The capsule of ink breaks, and the body drains the small fragments of ink. After each treatment the tattoo fades more. 

Removal or cover up

With small tattoos the results are often very good, and a tattoo can almost fully be removed. This is mostly the case with line tattoos, like names of past lovers. With bigger tattoos people often choose to lighten the tattoo. This makes it easier to create a good surface for a cover up. A cover up is a tattoo covering a different tattoo. With just a few treatments the tattoo can be faded enough to do a cover up. This option is often faster, and a bit cheaper. 

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