The studios interior

Piercings and tattoos need to be done in the most hygienic circumstances possible. The interior of the studio plays a big part in this. The walls and floors are smooth and easy to clean, made from waterproof materials.  The faucets in the workspaces are managad by elbow, and not touched by hand. The workspaces also have handsfree alhochol- and soapdispensers. Our sterilisation room is seperate from our workspaces.

Method of procedure

Our method of piercing is completely adjusted to the regulations of the dutch ministry of health and the GGD. We only use single-use sterile needles. Immediately after use the needle is placed in a needle container. When full, this container is carefully sealed shut, and picked up by a specialised cleaning survice. A new set of gloves is used for each costumer and the materials used are mostly single-use. For some piercings the piercer will use a pair of pliers to make sure the placement is accurate. These pliers are carefully sealed and sterilized after each use. The sealed pliers and the sealed jewelry are opened just before the piercing is placed.

Sterilization process

After use the instruments are rinsed and placed in an ultrasonic bath. This bath shakes of any particles of dirt (like blood or other bodily fluids). After the ultrasonic bath the instruments are rinsed, dried and put into plactic sealbags. These bags are sealed shut with heat, and placed into a steam sterilizer. This machine sterilizes the instruments using high temperatures and pressure. The plastic sealbag has an indicator-strip that changes colour during the sterilization process. This prevents any mix-ups between sterilized and non-sterilized materials. The jewelry used when pierced undergoes the same sterilization treatment.

You can download the duth piercing and tattoo regulations here: ggdkennisnet.nl/lchv

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