Our piercers

At Queen of Rings all of our employees are women, with years of experience in placing all types of piercings, genital beadings and surface anchors. We specialise in genital piercings. All of our piercers are professionally trained and have an excellent knowledge of anatomy, so you are assured of good service and hygiene.

Piercing workstation

Queen of Rings has 4 workstations for piercing, including 2 separate areas for more privacy. There are 3 piercers available every day.

All of our piercings are done with titanium, because this jewelry is 100% nickel free and hypoallergenic, and is therefore the best choice for piercing. Titanium resembles surgical steel, but is slightly darker in color. If you prefer to wear gold jewelry, you can choose our high quality gold plated jewelry. These consist of a layer of 24 carat gold over titanium.

If you want to get a new piercing, you can book an appointment here. Due to the corona virus we only work with appointments at the moment. 

Our service & aftercare

After getting your piercing, it should be properly taken care of every day until it is completely healed. Unfortunately, the healing might be difficult for some, and that is why we think it is important to provide good aftercare. In our shop we sell various aftercare products that help the healing process of your piercings. We also sell products to take care of your healed piercings. When you get pierced we will always advise you about how to take good care of your new piercing.

If you experience any problems during the healing, please visit us as soon as possible. Most times we can point out the root of the problem immediately. You will receive appropriate advice, or we will put in another piece of jewellery that works better for you, at our expense.

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