Booking your appointment

You can set your appointment in the widget below. The prices are the starting rate, you can click here for a more extensive price chart.
Appointment for tattoo lasering are made by phone; 0104049700

ATTENTION! Because of the corona virus, we have to take extra safety measures:
– Do you want one of our piercers to help you? Then it is required you wear a facemask. If you don’t have a facemask yet you can buy one at our shop for €3,-. Next to our normal protective gear, our staff will also wear a facemask. For nose-, or oral piercings the piercer will also wear an additional protective face shield. In this case the client is still required to wear a facemask, and only takes of the mask during the piercing process.

– Before getting a piercing, we ask you to fill out a consent form. To prevent contact as much as possible, we ask you to fill this out at home using this link. Don’t have a printer at home? Please bring your own pen to fill out the form at the shop.

– At the moment we work via appointment only.
– We ask you not to bring extra people to your appointment, and to stay home if you experience any form of sickness or symptoms. If you do wish to bring a friend, they can wait outside the shop, they are not allowed to come to the piercing procedure.
– Do you want advise about a healing piercing? Contact our social media or email first. In most cases, we only need some information about your piercing and a picture to give suiting advise. That way, we limit the amount of people in the shop. In some cases we do advise you to come by the shop, and ask you to schedule an appointment.
– For advice about piercings that are done in another shop, or if you want us to change your healed piercing to your own jewellery we ask a compensation of €3,-.
– If you want to get multiple piercings, or if you also want to change your jewelry you can book multiple appointment back to back. This way we can give every client the time they need, and keep waiting times to a minimum.


Booking your appointment

Do you want to get a new piercing? Set your appointment today to prevent unneccesary waiting (you’re probably nervous enough as it is!)

We want you to have a great experience, and value good service. Queen of Rings offers professional piercings and tattoo’s, but you’re also welcome for a change of jewellery. If you buy your jewellery at our shop we change it for free. If you bring your own jewellery only ask €3,- for our service. We will always take our time to help you, so we highly recommend making an appointment before you visit our shop, so you eliminate waiting times. .

Genital piercings are only placed with an appointment.

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